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A Táltosok azok a különleges képességű őseink voltak, akik hajdan a fejedelmek mellett gyógyítottak, jövendöltek. A legbölcsebbeknek tartották őket, ugyanis a természet törvényszerűségeit ismerték.

Minden magyar Árpád-házi király mellett jelen voltak. A Táltos gyógyító, pap és tanító, a nemzettudat fenntartója. A természet erői és maga az ember azóta is ugyanúgy létezik és működik. Manapság is az Istentudók foglalkoznak bölcseletekkel, és szükségszerűen újraélesztették a szellemi tudást.

A könyv a régi és a mai Táltosok tudományából mutat be részleteket.


Ára: 1 500,- Ft (az ár 5% áfát tartalmaz), megvásárolható az irodánkban.

Energia Gyógyító Központ
H-1143 Budapest, Tábornok út 11/A. I. emelet / 11. ajtó
(XIV. kerület, a 2. metró Stadionok megállójánál)

A könyv angol nyelvű kiadásban is kapható - rövid részlet a könyvből:




The wise men of ancient Hungarians were the Táltosok.
As every age and every culture has its wizards and sorcerers, ancient Hungarian culture had its men blessed with special abilities, called "Táltos". In the Middle Ages, they were the most important consultants and helpers of the sovereign. They knew almost everything about the laws of nature and of the universe. These are the most important a man can learn.

In his book Magyarok csillaga (The Star of Hungarians), Sándor Makkai writes this about one of the most well-known Táltosok, TARKÁCS: 

"I know no one that can match his wisdom. There was more sense in his kneecaps than in the heads of other man, for they told him what was coming, be it a storm or be it war. His nose smelled the coming plague from the Wind. His ear understood birds, and knew if luck or disaster was coming. His eyes saw Tastes in the dark, and told us what was long ago, and what was to come. With his tambourine, he drove away all illness¬es for man or beast. When he turned swiftly, and dizzi¬ly fell to the ground, while murmuring, he was at the dead in no time and knew what they had forgot to say about the inheritance. Not only the poor, but the rich respected him very much also."

The traces that the storm of history left of this age makes all those that study the subject feel awe. Most well-know examples are the locations of the temples built in the Arpadian and Stephanian ages, which were determined by Táltosok according to their knowledge of radiesthesia.

Interestingly, this it exactly the reason, why we have an odd, mystical feeling unlike anything, when we step into one of these temples. It can be also observed that later generations always built their temples exactly where the old ones had stood, hence the mystical feeling of the temple was retained. 

Since in modern architecture, they did not bother with this question, and the build¬ings were located randomly, this mystique is lost in today's churches. They also exam¬ined places where they build towns and villages. They led their animals to the same meadow for at least a year and than they exam¬ined their internal organs. 

In places where there was harmful radiation, the animals became sick, in other places they remained healthy. Plants indicate places that are dangerous for living things the same way. Today, they even plan housing estates without anyone examining the location first. They are usually built at the most desolate places, where no plants, nor animals can survive. A long time ago, they also paid much attention to where they put regal burial grounds. These places usually had radiation that stops respiration, and protection from radiation. 

The fact that at some places people miraculously become healthy can be explained by rare positive Earth radiation. This is how places of pilgrimage developed. Dominant European cultures and spiritual forces did everything in their power to conceal and reserve ancient Hungarian culture and all its knowledge for themselves, but not even millennia could not make people forget the traces of the knowledge of the Táltosok, that were represented as bulls in paintings. Their wisdom died out with them, but it will reborn in the era of today. 

This book deals with three topics: the first is radiesthesia. This covers the harmful effects of Earth radiation on living organisms and the bioenergy field that surrounds people. The second is chiropractic and describes a special method never know before. The third topic is about bioenergy and healing with hands, both of which topics seems unbelievable and mystical to many. 

There are a few thoughts about homeopathy, reflexology and acupuncture also.